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Spirit & Life

Spirit & Life

We are a community of brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, rooted in the love of His Eucharistic Heart.


The Eucharistic Heart community joins together married, single, religious priests and sisters of different social horizons.

We are called to enter the mystery of the eucharistic life, to carry out the evangelic ideal of charity and the missionary spirit for the service of the Church. We express our deep gratitude and respect for the Pope and Bishops and we desire to be loyal to the teachings of the Magisterium.

In the diocese of Phoenix, we are based at St. Mary's Parish as a parish organization.

You can join us by attending our ministries such as:


  • Every Thursday for Holy Hour for Life "Pro Mundi Vita" (John 6) in the Chapel of St. Mary's Church, 7 pm to 9 pm


  • First Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Chapel of St. Juan Diego's Church, 6 pm to 8 pm


  • Second Sunday of the month for the Office of the Resurrection & "Lazarus, Come Out!" in the Chapel of St. Mary's Church, 8:15 pm to 10 pm

    • Bring our sick brother and sisters for prayer of healing intercessory in the presence of our Lord and Savior.


  • Prayer Network † Spirit & Life is an active apostolate of listening and intercessory prayer.

    • We pray for current perspectives of the Church and for the intentions of the Pope. We pray for the reconciliation of families, for broken homes where spouses are suffering from each other or who have separated. We also pray for children who are suffering painful consequences from the misunderstandings of their parents.

  • Prayer of Praise!

    • Prayer of praise is not only for those who belong to the charismatic renewal, it is for all Christians. We're looking for talented singers and musicians who can sing, play and dance “New Canticles” for the Lord.

"You will be my witnesses everywhere in the universe and unto the end of the world, attesting that my heart opens to all and remains a universal heart."

Third Friday in the chapel of St. Juan Diego's Church, 7 PM

3200 S. Cooper Rd. Chandler, AZ 85286

Come and experience the power and the anointing of God.

All are welcome who are looking for a deeper life in Jesus Christ. Especially Catholic ministers of prayer and healing are most welcome.

Bring your loved ones - family and friends.

Some Catholics go far to learn the techniques of prayer, in the East among the Bonzes; they do not know that they have a vein of prayer within themselves.
The Holy Spirit renews all kinds of prayers: liturgical prayer and private prayer. The Spirit of holiness, the light of consciences, illuminates our hearts and gives life to everything.

Hora Santa "Pro Mundi Vita" 

Alabanza y Adoración en la Capilla de adoración, Iglesia Santa María,

todos los jueves a las 7pm

Forme parte de una comunidad comprometida a orar con la Iglesia por la Conversión y por la Unidad de las Familias.

Rezad por los demás, por la reconciliación de los hogares quebrantados, las esposas que sufren entre sí o que se han separado, los niños que sufren las dolorosas consecuencias de la incomprensión de sus padres.

Invite nuestros hermanos y hermanas enfermos que venga. 
¡Todos son bienvenidos! 

Para información llamar a FRAN Sanders, 480.963.3207  X308

«¡Lázaro, ven afuera!».

«Desátenlo para que pueda caminar».

Ministerio de Oración de Sanación e Intercesión


¡Sal al encuentro del Señor de la vida!

Segundo domingo del mes de 8:15 pm a 10:00 pm en la Capilla de Santa María, Chandler.

Por favor, regístrese en la Oficina Parroquial al 480.963.3207

Invite nuestros hermanos y hermanas enfermos que venga. No olvide su Biblia y si es possible su instrumento musical…

¡Todos son bienvenidos!

Para más información contactarse con FRAN Sanders al 480-963-3207 # 308 o Mary Margaret Ochoa al (818) 519-0910

Session of Prayer

for Conversion and for Unity of Families

Aug. 11, 2:30 PM - Aug. 18, 12:00 PM

"Domaine de La Castille"

Diocese of Frejus-Toulon (France)

Join our Dynamic Team

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am Jean-Claude Vouakouanitou, member of Chandler Chamber of Commerce. 


One of my friends and partners, John Shin, the Founder and CEO of Axianta Financial Partners and the Executive Producer of the movie "THINK: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich", and I are going to open a large office in Scottsdale and in Chandler. Our business is exploding. I contact you because I am in charge of expansion, that is, in charge of attracting new talents to the firm.


Indeed, we need 250 more people. We are looking for quality people to join our expanding customer service in helping individuals and families gain a better understanding of where they are financially, and how to build and protect wealth for the future.

We need people like us with passion, conviction, confidence to join our dynamic team.


Whom do you know who is looking for opportunities on a part-time basis and would like to make extra money?

We offer a great leadership development program.
Our firm is well established yet growing.
We also have an incredible compensation system.

Excellent benefits!

You might not be interested, but you might know people who would be interested in helping individuals and families' lives.

Please feel free to call me at +1 518-650-0170 or contact me at, if you require any further information.

Yours sincerely,



Jean-Claude Vouakouanitou
6424 E Greenway Parkway #100
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
+1 518 650 0170


No van a quitar este libro de la Iglesia

No van a quitar este libro de la Iglesia.

Association Société du Coeur eucharistique de Jésus

c/o Marie Josèphe CHAVANNE


25720 - BEURE

Tél.: 09 53 807 630

Quittance de loyer

Loyer janvier 2019

Locataire: 0578482

Monsieur Paulo SILVA-ALMEIDA


02470 PRIEZ

Quittance de loyer n. 1


Reçu de M. Paulo SILVA ALMEIDA

la somme de 680,00 euros

le 01/01/2019                                                                                           Fait à BEURE le 31/01/2019

                                                                                                                  Association Société du Coeur eucharistique de Jésus

                                                                                                                  La Présidente : Marie Josèphe CHAVANNE

pour loyer et accessoires des locaux sis :


en paiement du terme du 01/01/2019 au 31/01/2019


- Loyer nu: 630,00 euros

- Charges  / Provisions de Charges :  50,00 euros


Montant total du terme : 680,00 euros

- Paiement locataire: 680,00 euros

- Solde à payer : 0 euro

Le paiement de la présente n'emporte pas présomption de paiement des termes antérieurs. Cette quittance ou ce reçu annule tous les reçus qui auraient pu être donnés pour acompte versé sur le présent terme. En cas de congé précédemment donné, cette quittance ou ce reçu représenterait l'indemnité d'occupation et ne saurait être considéré comme un titre d'occupation. Sous réserve d'encaissement. 

Association déclarée régie par la loi du 1er juillet 1901 numéro W021000001

Siège social: 83000 Toulon

"You know well that in the eyes of Jesus, no one is permanently lost, there are only people who need to be found, and, He urges us to go out looking for them. For if we want to find the Lord, we must seek Him where He wants to meet us and not where we want to find Him; we can find the Shepherd only where the sheep is lost. " (Pope Francis)



For those whose heart does not sing, Lord, we pray to you, you the source of all joy.


For those who cannot sing, they are so overwhelmed and crushed by pain.


For those who are obsessed with their difficulties and their trials, to the point of not being able to recognize or sing to the beauty of their lives.


For those who do not dare to sing, fearing that their happiness today will disappear before the sadness of tomorrow.


For those who have stopped singing, shutting themselves up in the bitterness of their disappointments.


For those who sing only of their pain and find no joy worthy of being sung.


For those who have never sung since their childhood; a youth marked by misfortune.


For those who have not yet sung, but whose hope begins to blossom.


For those who interrupted their singing, and who would like to take it back.


For those who forget to sing to you while they enjoy the effusion of your happiness.

The Eucharistic Heart Community

Help us Build a Great

Music Community

Some Catholics go far to learn the techniques of prayer, in the East among the Bonzes; they do not know that they have a vein of prayer in themselves. The Holy Spirit renews all kinds of prayers: liturgical prayer and private prayer, that is to say the prayer of contemplation. The Spirit of holiness, the light of consciences, illuminates our hearts and he gives life to everything.

The liturgical prayer is community prayer, but it is not spontaneous.
Personal prayer is spontaneous, but it is not a community prayer.

We need a third kind of prayer that is spontaneous and communal.


There is a new Pentecost in this type of prayer of early Christians (Acts 4). Pope Francis and his predecessors urge all Christians to rediscover this form of prayer that has been the strength of the fledgling Church. This kind of prayer is not only for those who belong to the charismatic renewal, it is for all Christians. 

Praising God is “totally gratuitous”. The prayer of praise is a Christian prayer for all of us. 

It does not matter if you are good singer or not. If you can shout out when your team scores a goal, so you can clap your hands, acclaim God with shouts of joy.

You can also give thanks to the Lord on Lyre, play to him on the guitar, strings, percussions, trumpet, cymbals, harpe, horn, etc.

Come, join us, let's praise and sing a new hosanna, the joy of believing in the Triune God within us: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Let's find new words and new sounds to proclaim our faith.          


& praise!


Rassemblement d'été

Communauté du Coeur eucharistique

Session de prière pour la Conversion

et pour l’Unité des Familles 

du 11 au 16 Août 2018

Nous prions :

- pour les familles,

- pour la réconciliation des foyers désunis, des époux qui souffrent l'un par l'autre ou qui se sont séparés,

- pour les enfants qui subissent les pénibles conséquences de la mésentente de leurs parents...

Route de La Farlède, 83260 La Crau | France

+ 33 953 807 630

Father Jean Galot, S.J. (1919-2008)

Emeritus Professor of Christology at the Pontifical Gregorian University.

Father Jean Galot, S.J. (1919-2008)

Emeritus Professor of Christology at the Pontifical Gregorian University.
Jean Galot was the father superior of the community of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. 

He was the guarantor of the spiritual doctrine that the community announces and make known. 



Pere Galot etait le pere superieur de la communaute du Coeur eucharistique de Jesus. 

Professeur émérite de Christologie à l'Université Pontificale Grégorienne

"If I took part a little in the life of the community of the Eucharistic Heart,  it is because Jean-Claude who founded this association had asked me to make a contribution of reflection and a certain commitment in the life of this community.
"For me, the fact that there was an aspect of contemplation at the same time with the permanent adoration of the Eucharist and the fact that there was the emphasis on the mission, I strove to understand what the Holy Spirit had inspired to Jean-Claude in this domain; what I knew about Jean-Claude was something authentic, true.
"There is basically an adoration that goes to Christ and the mission that announces Jesus Christ and that starts from this adoration - present to the development of this foundation of Eucharistic adoration, the association of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. And I think this is a very precious direction for the Church of today. 
In the course of the Legionaries of Christ in Rome, according to the Council, there is fundamentally (for the priest) a mission of Adoration and a mission of propagation of the Love of Christ which is fundamental, - and precisely, the accent placed in the Association of the Eucharistic Heart on adoration and mission corresponds at the same time to a great need of the Church of today, need to continually re-immerse oneself in Adoration. And the consciousness of the mission of the influence of Jesus Christ on Humanity.

"There are difficulties that have been overcome so far. I have always admired Jean-Claude's faith and his concern to always ask the Light of the Holy Spirit to know what he should do. If he could have a point of contact with the Church here in this part of Switzerland, that would allow the Eucharistic Heart Community to develop these fruits of worship and mission which are fundamental.

Training session of "Lazarus, Come Out!"  


Saturday October 27, 2018

at Our Lady of Grace,

Encino, after the 5:00 PM Mass

Untie him and let him go free!

The Eucharistic Heart Society

 Help us  Build a Great

Music Community

Art & Music Activities    

Oratorios & Choral Worship 

Vocal Soloists, Chorus & Orchestra 

We contribute to the local, national, and international choral communities through cultural exchange, and missions of the Eucharistic Heart Society.


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Join us in Building

a Great Music Community

​We're a community of musicians and music lovers, representing all styles and all skill levels.

Just like you, we deeply LOVE MUSIC, all kinds of music, and we get excited meeting and talking with people like you, who are passionate about music.

You may have good music experience, maybe you enjoy singing in the choir. Talk to your family and friends about joining.

​​​​Encourage them to be a part of our music community.

​You do not need to be a good singer. All are welcome!

We aspire to teach, to learn, to inspire, and to lead.

We provide vocal technique training for Choir Members.

If you want, we can lead you through a process that awakens an amazing new awareness of your voice, body and mind. You are going to get more range, power, richness, resonance, and dynamics to your voice.

Also, this process will help you release fears and restrictions that hold you back in other areas of your life. You will become more SPONTANEOUS, CHARISMATIC and ALIVE in every way!

This music community is a resource for all kinds of help, a great social and professional networking opportunity for entertainment professionals who want to meet other local musicians, movie producers, or persons of different media.

Whether you are seeking to upgrade your career, find great candidates for your company, expand your social or professional network, or generate more referrals…

Connect and collaborate with local, national and international Musicians.

You can find them here in our community.

It's nice to know you've got people you can count on.

• Bring your instrument of music
• There is never a cover charge! We hope to see you soon!

PRAYER NETWORK † Spirit & Life
Become part of a community committed to praying with the Church for the Conversion and for the Unity of Families.
The Eucharistic Heart


The community of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

733 E. Wildhorse Dr.

Chandler, AZ, 85286

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