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Community of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus


We are a charismatic community with a contemplative and missionary vocation. Our spirituality is eucharistic and Marian.


The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Community joins together men and women, married and single, religious priests and sisters, of different social horizons.


Through the call of the Heart of Christ, we are called to enter into the mystery of the eucharistic life, to carry out the evangelic ideal of charity and the missionary spirit for the service of the Church.


We form the Community of the Eucharistic Heart, being aware to be only a small family in the large body which is the Church. We express our deep gratitude and respect for  the Pope and Bishops and we desire to be loyal to the teachings of the Magisterium.


A board of Directors was formed under the name The Eucharistic Heart Society to guide our organization. The foundation was officially organized and registered as a non-profit religious organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Aims of the Society of the Eucharistic Heart


  • Gather the devotion of men and women who wish to alleviate human misery of physical, psychological and moral in welcoming and assisting the poor, the sick, the excluded in a spirit of solidarity and service,

  • Promote an apostolic spirit that seizes opportunities to do good, to meet the spiritual needs, and to address moral distress.

  • Follow Jesus Christ according to the Beatitudes program.

  • Enter into the mystery of Eucharistic life.

  • Living in an intense way of life for the people of God.

Love one another

St. John Paul II exhorts us to transmit the gift of faith, and to encourage our communities to be evangelizers. "Everyone has his place," continues the Pope, "in the vineyard of the Lord. Nobody is poor enough to have anything to offer; no one is rich enough to have nothing to receive. "

Our Community is called the "Eucharistic Heart" because it is based on the love that Jesus Christ has shown to men and women by instituting the Eucharist. As St. John, the Evangelist,  says in referring to the Last Supper, "Jesus, who loved his own who was in the world, loved them to the end" (Jn 13: 1). This love which goes to the end has given humanity the Eucharistic Meal, destined to communicate to us a higher and eternal life, which begins with our earthly existence and leads us to the infinite happiness of the hereafter. 

We want to welcome this love and to draw from the heart of Jesus Christ the strength to love one another by forming a community that lives from this love and spreads it. In the perspective of the insertion of our community in the life of the whole pastoral Phoenix metro area, we wish to fulfill a mission in the service of the Church, by testifying of this love by our prayer, our dedication and our availability.

The community also wants to serve the pilgrims who come to pray to Our Lady, to support the momentum of their prayers, support their supplications for the divine favors, stimulate their desire to be closer to the Virgin Mary and to share their prayers. It gives them the opportunity to confide in the immense love of the heart of Christ and to draw new ardor from the Eucharist. It allows them to live more resolutely in the hope of a better and more loving world.

Previous Councillors
† Father Henri Jomin, S.J
† Father Jean Galot, S.J.

(1875-1982)  Theologian,

Eucharistic Heart community

(1919-2008) Theologian,

Eucharistic Heart community

Ernest Kombo, S.J.
† Bishop Ernest Kombo, S.J.

(1941-2008)  Bishop of Owando

Eucharistic Heart Community 

† Fr Georges Lapoirie

(1928-1991) Priest,

Eucharistic Heart community

† Fr. Charles-Henri DUBÉ, sss (1930-2004)
Eucharistic Heart Community 
 † Fr. Serge Sandron, pastor Ferte Milon
Eucharistic Heart Community 
† Bishop Georges Lagrange 
Bishop Emeritus of Gap
† Béatrice Da Sylva (1928-2011), founder of Source community in France

Ville Agno 56580 Brehan

Related to the Eucharistic Heart

† Sister Marie-Paule David, ihs (1921-2012)
Eucharistic Heart Community
Bob Canton
Previous Councillor of ICCRS 
Sister Marie Josephe

Superior of CEJ / France



Chita Romeo Canton
Philippe Caby
Daniel Labille
Bishop Emeritus of Creteil
ex bp protector of the Eucharistic Heart 
Bishop Dominique Rey
Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon (France)
Mary Margaret Ochoa
Jean-Claude Vouakouanitou

Eucharistic Heart, USA


Father Hippolyte Muaka 
Priest of the Eucharistic Heart

Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Diocèse de 



Archdiocese of Miami


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The community of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

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