Novena of Prayer in Preparation of the Great Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Aug. 6 to 14



At the foot of the cross, Jesus gave us his mother, as Mary could not assume her role as the mother of all Christians during her lifetime. The Virgin Mary sought and found God. Mounted beside her Son, Mary is glorified in her human nature; being elevated to heaven in her Eucharistic glory, she is absolutely united with her Son. Her Assumption is the triumph of this intimacy with Jesus Christ. This privilege is granted to Mary for the sanctification of all humanity. We recognize in her the Mother of Church. Thus, Mary can now dominate all earthly situations and take an interest in the life of the Church and to each of her children. She invites us to discover and recognize in the Gospel, the life of Jesus as he draws us to him. He is the Resurrection and the life, the truth that makes us free. We, too, starting from this life can live more and more united with Christ, and enter into his mystery through faith.


Jesus Christ is full of grace and truth. Mary, who put all her trust in the Lord, was granted this fulness of grace for us. Her son, our Lord Jesus Christ, gives us the eyes of faith to look at Mary in the mystery of the grace she has received. In her, two beatitudes are verified:


"Happy are the ones who believed"

"Happy are the poor"


In her poverty, Mary believed in the angel's message. We contemplate the mystery of the immense love of God, who desired to make the power of grace triumph in the world. Mary is our mother; she is the supreme gift that Jesus Christ gave us from the top of the cross. It is for our happiness that the Virgin Mary opens her maternal heart. She welcomes our solicitations. We can hear these words in our hearts and let them enter into the bottom of ourselves. These words resonate in us and are engraved in our memory and in our whole life. We will find in Mary an ideal mother to reveal to us his joyful love.


You who are tired and oppressed can unburden your heart; do not try to bury your worries nor your inner misery. Mary is always there to listen to you and to share your emotions. You can tell her everything because she understands you in all your situations and in all your difficulties. When you need to talk, because you cannot bear the weight of the events of your life alone, know that Mary is close to you with all her affection. You can entrust to her all that you keep inside you, she will open to you her good and compassionate heart.


Mary loves us all as she loves her son. She knows the difficulties of our mutual understanding, she helps us to overcome them, to grow and to progress. At the foot of the cross, Mary's heart was filled with forgiveness for those who crucified her son. The Virgin Mary prays for us; she is the mother of the miracle, and the sanctity of the sick. Through her prayer she obtained the first revelation of the divine power of the Savior. Through her intercession, she provides us many favors.


Mary is the mother of a miracle that continues to occur; that of the divine grace that takes hold of our hearts. Mary cannot resist the cry of her children nor their supplications. She offers us her help in our trials and in our sorrows. Her heart is wide open to all our distress. She shares with us our pain and concerns as she understands our pain and wants to help relieve us. She will not let us fall prey to our trials. When we are tense and anxious, gnawed by anxiety, powerless to solve the difficulties facing us, Mary will keep repeating to each one of us what the angel said to her; "Do not be afraid, you have found Grace, the Lord is with you."


Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ is with us every day until the end of the world. He sends us signs of his omnipotence and benevolence. Mary helps us to find the face of her son in each of those whom Jesus Christ redeemed. The Lord is revealed to us also in the hungry, the thirsty, in the stranger who seeks a welcome, a refugee, and in the one who comes to knock on our door. He gives us a sign through the pains of the body and the heart of the sick, of all the afflicted, and all of those who moan.

What signs! The Lord wants to do more, especially if we ask him. It is not a question of obtaining multiple wonders but of that feeling in the depths of our hearts, the need of a saving Savior for us and for the world. Thus, by welcoming the essential message, we can live more and more intimately and communicate it to others.


Mary remains accessible to everyone: her mission is to increase in us the life of grace, to bring into being and grow in us the life of Christ. She stimulates our daily progressive effort; we can invoke her in all circumstances. Her maternal heart is an incandescent reflection hidden in the heart of God. We can freely express our requests, unload our burdens, and our heart of all that oppresses it. The ones we love, for whom we hope for the health of the body, the heart and the mind, Mary loves them with a stronger love than ours, we are her children. We can also entrust to Mary all those we love, all those who cause us problems by their way of life, by the dangers they encounter.


By recourse to Mary, we can overcome any melancholy. We can invoke her and implore her for the peace of consciences and for the peace of nations, so that there is no more war.


Session of Prayer for Conversion and for Unity of Families

August 11th - 16th, 2018 at "Domaine de La Castille" 

Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon (France)




We pray for the reconciliation of families, for the broken homes where the spouses are suffering from each other or who have separated. We also pray for children who are suffering painful consequences of the misunderstandings of their parents.


Mary is a symbol of how God works with the ‘little ones’, the poor.


Pope Francis

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