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I am Sister Marie Josèphe, contemplative and missionary of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

I have received from my Bishops the mission to pray, especially for the Conversion and for the Unity of Families.

We pray for parents, for pastors of the Church, and for those who have dedicated their lives to the Lord.

We pray with the heart of the world, with the hearts of all who pray to God and all who do not pray to Him.

I made this choice so that my prayer does not lock me in myself.

  • I pray with the hearts of all those who love God and those who would love Him if they knew His love.

  • I pray with the hearts of all who rejoice, offering to God their joy as a thanksgiving;

  • I pray with the heart of all those who cry, presenting to God their pain as an imploration.

  • I pray with the hearts of all those who are overwhelmed by trouble and worry, so that they may pacify themselves in contact with God.

  • I pray with the hearts of those who are beset by despair; begging to revive hope.

  • I pray with the hearts of all those who work and devote themselves, so that their activity, by the grace of God, contributes to the formation of a better world.

  • I pray with the heart of God, since in Him, source and center of all love, beats the heart of humanity.

I have been consecrated to God for over fifty years. I have been a missionary in many countries of the world serving the sick and needy to help them with my advice and services.

The Lord has given me the grace to understand others in their problems and difficulties. I continue to pray for the sick, the infirm, for those who are in prison, for those who hide their pain, for those who are in solitude, and in mourning ... I pray for children, for young people, for the elderly, and for those who die ...

My brothers and sisters in Christ, intercession is a prayer of petition which leads us to pray as Jesus did. He is the one intercessor with the Father on behalf of all men, especially sinners. He is "able for all time to save those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them." The Holy Spirit "himself intercedes for us ... and intercedes for the saints according to the will of God." (Catechism of the Catholic Church).

In his general Wednesday audience catechesis in  June 2011, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, presented to us two figures from the Old Testament who illustrated a model of intercession. The story is about  Moses and the Prophet Elijah “whom God sent to bring the people to conversion and freedom”. The main objective of prayer is conversion; the fire of God, which transforms our hearts and makes us capable of seeing God and living for Him and for others. 

"The intercessory prayer said Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, helps us to grow in deeper knowledge of God and His mercy and makes us more capable of loving others in a self-sacrificial way." 


Moses had a concrete experience of the God of salvation. He is the  model of Intercessory Prayer. The love for his brothers and sisters and the love of God are united and are inseparable in his prayer of petition. He "carried out his function as mediator between God and Israel, making himself the bearer of the divine words and commands for his people, bringing them to the freedom of the Promised Land ... and, above all, praying". 


 "The intercessor does not make excuses for the sin of his people and does not list the presumed merits of either himself or his people. He appeals to God's generosity; a free God, completely love, who never ceases to seek those who have drawn away from him. Moses, the intercessor, is the man between two loves that, in prayer, are superimposed in one single desire for good".


Moses is a prefiguration of Christ who, atop the Cross, is truly before God as Son, praying for us, identifying with us. His intercession is not just solidarity, but identification with us. He gives us a forgiveness that transforms and renews. “From the heights of the Cross he didn't bring us new stone tablets of the law but himself as Covenant". 


 “Upon Mount Carmel, Elijah revealed himself in all his power as intercessor when, before the whole of Israel, he prayed to the Lord to show Himself and convert people’s hearts. The episode is recounted in Chapter 18 of the First Book of Kings”.


In his intercession, Elijah asked of God what God Himself wished to do; to show Himself in all His mercy, faithful to His nature as Lord of life Who forgives, converts and transforms.


If you believe, you shall see the glory of God. So “as believers we must respond to the absoluteness of God with absolute and total love, a love involving all our lives, our energies, our hearts”.


​All are invited to join us every Thursday in the chapel of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Chandler from 7-9pm for the Holy Hour for Life. We pray in adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament for the Conversion and for the Unity of families. If you can't attend, you can register online and leave your petition. However, you can be actively involved in the prayer of petition. 


I do not want to settle somewhere for good, I want to be available and open to God's calls.


Wherever God wants me, everywhere I will go to accomplish his work. I want to follow the route and all the steps required for the mission.


The Lord needs me to speak to my brothers and sisters and to enlighten them, to communicate to them the message entrusted to the very first disciples.

I want to transmit and translate into a gesture of today the goodness of the Gospel, to welcome the poor, to help the unfortunate, to console the suffering.

The Lord needs me to seek and save the lost, to meet the one who is leaving and to abandon the faith, to meet the one who does not know Jesus Christ and cannot love him.


Every day I say: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for needing me, for having no power but that of your grace!

God bless you all!

Sister Marie Josèphe, ihs

Office: (480) 409-4392

email: sistermariejosephe@eucharistic-heart.org


Become part of a community committed to praying with the Church for the Conversion and for the Unity of Families.

The Eucharistic Heart Society has an active online community of intercessors dedicated to pray for the petitions and concerns submitted to our prayer chain. Please use the form below to send a request for prayer. We will respond to your message as quickly as we can. 

Community Day  for the Conversion and for the Unity of Families

The "Prayer for the Family" of Bishop Dominique Rey:

"O holy Father, you who wanted your eternal Word to be born on our earth and grow up in a human family with all the love of a father and a mother; You who showed us with the Holy Family how our families are a precious good and a sacred mystery, signs, and instruments of the Trinitarian love; Send your Holy Spirit, that He may give to each one to receive the light which you have inscribed in every creature and in all the universe with wisdom and love; so that He opens the hearts in the light of the Gospel; Send your Holy Spirit on all families, so that every child has the joy of growing up in the love of a father and a mother, of building himself in the complementarity of a real sexual difference, of being welcomed as a gift and desired as a person; Send your Holy Spirit to your Church so that it has the strength to publicly testify with justice and gentleness of the Gospel of Life and of the truth of love, to confront without fear even at the price of martyrdom the opposing forces of the culture of death; Send your Holy Spirit to the public authorities, so that they may wisely express in legislation what amounts to everyone in all justice, that they support more the families founded in the institution of marriage. O Virgin Mary, Mother of beautiful love, take under your protective cloak all your children who confide in you, even those who do not know you yet, and especially those to whom he has missed the love of a father or a mother! Saint Joseph, the guardian of the Holy Family, pray for us! Amen."

Dominique Rey, Bishop of the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon (France)

When you lived on this earth, you wanted, Lord, that the children could come to you, and you lavished on them your affection.


We pray for all the children of the world, the promise of the humanity of tomorrow;

  • for all the children loved and cherished by their parents, but mostly for those who have been abandoned;

  • for orphans and those who do not receive the affection they need;

  • for those who live in a perverted environment and who experience too early to know about evil;

  • for those who do not have a good education;

  • for those who do not learn to know you or to pray to you.

Take them in your love, and make them grow as you grew up, in size, wisdom, and grace before God and men.

Supply to the inadequacies of their education and form their character through difficulties and trials of all kinds.

Prepare them for a bright future, and draw them to you by inspiring their faith and love.

Mary Margaret Ochoa

(818) 519-0910



I Believe in the Church

I believe in the kingdom of the Father established on the earth by Jesus Christ.

I believe in the community animated by the Holy Spirit since Pentecost.

I believe in the unity of the Church, indestructible and unshakable, which calls Christians to overcome their divisions.

I believe in the supreme authority of the pastor of all the faithful, in which the unity given by the Savior is visibly expressed.

I believe in the sanctity of the Church, a society of sinners in which evil is overcome by divine forgiveness and where God's holiness flourishes within human weaknesses.

I believe in the indefectibility of the Church, which no contrary force can bring down, which crosses victoriously crises and persecution, and which will exist until the end of the world.

I believe in the universality of the Church, open to all peoples and all cultures and destined to bring together all humanity.

I believe in the apostolic expansion of the Church, which according to the stages fixed by the plan of the Father, progressively extends into the universe through preaching and witness.



Lord Jesus Christ, manifest your compassion on all families.


Strengthen the bond that unites the spouses, as well as parents and children.


Make all family members appreciate the joy of loving one another, and teach them to consent to the sacrifices required by the union.


Guide the flourishing of faith and prayer in Christian families, make them living cells of your Church.


Come to the rescue of shaky households and safeguard the maintenance of their union by promoting reconciliation.


Have pity on the broken homes, the spouses who suffer from each other or who have separated, children who are suffering the painful consequences of the misunderstandings of their parents.


Since you are the Savior of humanity and of all of us, liberate families from all evil and assure in them the triumph of your love.

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