Go Towards

the Poorest

The love of  the Poor and the Eucharist 


"Don’t be closed in on yourselves, don’t be stifled by petty squabbles, don’t remain a hostage to your own problems. These will be resolved if you go forth and help others to resolve their own problems, and proclaim the Good News. You will find life by giving life, hope by giving hope, love by giving love.

I ask you to work concretely in welcoming refugees, drawing near to the poor, and finding creative ways to catechize, to proclaim the Gospel and to teach others how to pray. Consequently, I would hope that structures can be streamlined, large religious houses repurposed for works which better respond to the present demands of evangelization and charity, and apostolates adjusted to new needs." (Pope Francis)

"I want a church that is poor and for the poor. They have much to teach us. Not only do they share in the sensus fidei, but in their difficulties they know the suffering Christ. We need to let ourselves be evangelized by them. The new evangelization is an invitation to acknowledge the saving power at work in their lives and to put them at the center of the church’s pilgrim way. We are called to find Christ in them, to lend our voice to their causes, but also to be their friends, to listen to them, to speak for them and to embrace the mysterious wisdom which God wishes to share with us through them." (Pope Francis)



"You'll always have one"

They’re up there like eyes which look at me everywhere and implore the giving of my heart: big hungry eyes shouting at me their distress. 

They’re up there looking at me inquiringly on what I have given, on what I share, on what I want to give out.

They’re up there to show me the way of love.

Let’s open up our hands to share all that they hold.

Let’s open up our hearts to come together as one.

I’d like to help all the poor people of the world, to feed the hungry, to relieve all ailing, to improve the condition of all unfortunates, but I've so many limitations!

I can’t avoid the sadness and sorrow or the misery of humanity, the alienations, the exploitations and cries of despair.

They’re up there, thank God, so that there will be more mutual help and solidarity for humanity.

Let’s open up our hands to share all that they hold.

Let’s open up our hearts to come together as one.

“One body and one spirit” (Ephesians 4:4)

This is what characterizes the unity of the Christian community: the "unity of the spirit" which makes all Christians one body, united to each other. This is manifested by a mutual love. The Holy Spirit gives us the unity that the Savior has desired and conquered by His redemptive work. Jesus Christ reconciles humanity with God and by that action, men are reconciled between themselves. The blood of Christ poured out has allowed the reconciliation of all hearts. St. Paul reminds us that before the coming of Jesus Christ, there was a gap between Jews and Gentiles. The first had the Divine Covenant, while the second were excluded. The widespread Blood of Christ has allowed the rapprochement between the Jews and the Gentiles. 


Jesus removes hatred by creating within others a new man. By His death on the cross, He reconciles God with these two people in one body after killing hatred within His body (Ephesians 2:13-16).  The result of sacrifice is that pagans and Jews, "have access to the Father, in one Spirit" (Ephesians 2:18). Thus, the unity of the Spirit is given to mankind thanks to the Blood of Jesus Christ which was poured out for us. All humanity is reconciled with God and in humanity, there is that same reconciliation between those who were enemies to each other. The Holy Spirit opens to all an access to the Father. The more the Holy Spirit manages to unite people with the Father, the more we succeed in uniting all of us. 

Every Christian must strive to welcome and keep within him the unity of the Holy Spirit. The heart of God does not wear out. It is an inexhaustible outpouring of love. By giving us His Holy Spirit, God has put in us His own heart. The Holy Spirit forms in us a new heart. The Holy Spirit communicates this Divine life and this holiness in the hearts of Christians, manifested by gentleness and humility which are the characteristics of the heart of Jesus. So, this unity of the Holy Spirit is a unity of love. It is a love which calls us to action. 

A heart is made to love and give of itself, a burning heart which reflects the heart of God. This is the heart that is always ready to assist others and to make them happy. This new fire lit within us by the Holy Spirit is an intense flame of charity, which spreads increasingly in order to ablaze the whole world. May we be aware of all the wealth of charity buried within us, so that we can exploit that wealth and bring it out into the light! 

You are all one in Christ Jesus “Be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and put on the new self, created in God's way in righteousness and holiness of truth”(Ephesians 4:23-24). “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free person, there is not male and female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus”(Galatians 3:28). This unity of the Spirit is not just reserved for Jews and Gentiles; the access to the Father is open to all people and to all nations! The unity is made first with God, then a unity among men. 


Go towards the poor, to the middle income individuals and families, to the unfortunate, to the least advantaged in material, intellectual, moral or religious aspects of life. Where are they? We are on the lookout for those to whom misfortune strikes the hardest, so that we can bring them as much support and consolation as we can through our gifts and services. Each of us represents these families that need our help. Our task is to contribute to that process. In our parishes and in our dioceses, there are thousands of people who need our help. They need protection. We have to go out on foot to their doors, to the shacks where they survive. 

The usual means that we use for communication is not sufficient enough to find these people who live on the street, under a tree or in a tent. They live outside. This reconciliation of all humanity with God implies and creates the reconciliation of humanity itself… between those who are enemies to one another. 

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