The Pope's Favorite Painting: Salus Populi Romani



                          Holy Mary, Mother of Church


Holy Virgin, Salvation of the Roman People, deign to extend your protection to Humanity in search of freedom, peace and joy.

At the Cenacle, Mary had supported the persevering prayer of the disciples of Christ. She pleaded with her Divine Bridegroom to seize the community of Apostles and fill with God each of members. Today, Mary is present in the Church, in each of us. Where the mother of God is honored, the Holy Spirit breezes with strength. Mary disposes us at a new Pentecost, in the spirituality of openness and thanksgiving.
You who supported in the cenacle the unanimous and persevering prayer of the disciples, support the momentum of our prayer so that our souls can open wide at the coming of the Holy Spirit!
You who, by your presence in the first community, have helped to attract your divine spouse, be more and more present among us, present in our thoughts and in our hearts, so that the Holy Spirit is more pleased to stay there!
You who prepared, by intense desires, the first apostles to be taken by the sweet violence of the Spirit of love, dispose us, by ardent aspirations, at a new Pentecost, taking possession of our being by the powerful breath from this divine Spirit!
You in whom the Holy Spirit has found the ideal collaborator for the mystery of the Incarnation and for its continuation in humanity, help us to be his collaborators for an ever wider coming of Christ in our world!
You, whose Holy Spirit has inflamed the apostolic zeal, by directing all your offerings to the Church and the human community, make that we're being transformed, by his conquering dynamism, as apostles eager to extend the dimensions of the people of God.

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