Litanies of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus


Father, who gives us the bread from heaven,

Sanctity us

Christ present in the world through the Eucharist,

Sanctify us

Holy Spirit who enlivens our hearts through the Eucharist,

Sanctify us.

Holy Trinity, whom the intimacy opens up to us through the Eucharist,

Sanctify us. 

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, mystery delivered through our adoration,

Attract us to you.

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, greedy to fill us with the spiritual gifts

Attract us to you

Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

-       Happy to share your intimate richness

-       Open to all the needs of our soul

-       Thirsty of our faith and our love

-       Hasten to heal us from our weaknesses

-       A place to gather for the unity of all hearts

-       Center for rapprochement and reconciliation

-       Sensitive to sufferings of the sick.

-       Full of compassion for all those with trials

-       So eager to associate us to His offering.

-       So ardent to feed the hunger of God

-       So humble in the service of our table.

-       So gentle in the welcoming of our visit.

-       So generous in the gift of your presence.

-       Source unfailing of our confidence.

-       Full of attraction for those who see the infinity.

-       Who fills us with spiritual intoxication.

-       You who makes the new hope in us gush forth

-       You who puts in us the divine energy.

-       You who offers us rest and peace

-       You who develops in us a deep joy

-       Overfilling with thanksgiving


Let us pray,


Father by giving you son to the world, you wanted to deliver his Eucharistic Heart.

Make us appreciate this supreme gift of your love, so that all our lives find in it a source of joy and confidence. In Jesus name our Lord.

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