1. Happy are those who listen to your word

Your word is light, able to pierce our blindness, and suddenly change the darkness into joyous clarity.

Blessed are those who penetrate the voice that transmits the Gospel, the voice of Your doctrine, the voice of Your love, and the voice of Your miracles.

Blessed are those who hear the voice that calls them to the bottom of their conscience, and who recognizes the unique sound of Your mysterious voice.

Blessed are those who are filled by this sovereign voice and who live by it; those who are guided by His teachings and inspirations.

Blessed are those who become silent to hear You talk; to allow Your word to touch them with all their being.

2. Blessed are those who believe

Blessed are those who believe without asking for a sign; the first one who received the message and believed in the impossible.

She who bore You, conceived by a purely virginal act of faith, that which faith has advanced the hour of Your revelation and great joy at the wedding feast at Cana.

Those who sought to declare who You are; those who have proclaimed You Christ; those who testified to the ardor of their faith, by leaving everything for You.

Blessed are those who believe in Your divinity, in Thy omnipotence, those who discovered You as God in Your human form, and in Your human weakness.

Blessed are those who believe in Your resurrection without having to touch You; without placing neither their hand to Your open side nor their fingers to Your open wounds.

Blessed are those who believe in the most pure faith and who firmly responded to their temptations of doubt.

Their faith has become a dilating faith, a joy that is forever.

3. Blessed are the poor

Blessed are those who have the soul of the poorest of the poor, who are poor before Thee, a soul that penetrates his own weakness and deprivation.

A poor soul of any claim, a soul stripped of his instincts of pride and self-sufficiency, of jealous ambition, of acquisition and greedy hoarding.

A satisfied soul will give all the treasures that they have without claiming anything in return. The more they give, the more they will continue to give.

This soul that I want You to find in me, just as You wish. A soul that accepts with humility and poverty, one which abandons itself to You, one with that great hope that You shall offer to Him the immensity of the kingdom of heaven, one with possession of You.
Happy I would be in my real poverty; poor in a happiness that I do not want to take, yet what I expect from You, free at every moment.

4. Blessed are the pure in heart

Blessed are the pure in heart, those who are transparent, those who have not lost the beautiful purity of a sincere look, a heart of loyalty, and a completely open soul.

Blessed are those who have not chosen a roundabout route, those who have not cheated, and those who preferred to expose their weak- ness rather than to veil it.

Those who have not fled the brightness of Your light, Your penetrating eyes, and do not want to stifle Your word, but keep it intact. Those who have hated lying to You and to their neighbor, those who wanted to follow a right conscience enlightened by Your grace.

Blessed are those who in their hearts have hidden their gift, their most sincere gift, and who refused to give priority to their pride, ambition and selfishness.

Those whose behavior desired to reflect the Gospel, and tried not to warp it, nor to betray it.

These individuals have happiness, and they will have it again by seeing You, Jesus Christ, to possess Your being where they want to live in absolute clarity.

5. Blessed are the merciful

Blessed are they whose heart is merciful, You will pity them. Blessed are those whose mind refuses to judge, try to understand and seek with love the motive to approve and to trust.

They will find before them one day, better than a Judge, a Father who understands and perceives in their lives the good intentions which make them act.

Blessed are those whose eyes are full of caring sincere sympathy, a forgiving love, willing to apologize and quick to forgive.

When they will see the eyes of their Master, they will be amazed to see such kindness, such indulgence, and such generous forgiveness.

Blessed are those that the ordeals and sorrows of others make them become good Samaritans, and whose compassion is immediately manifested as an effective aid.

Those whose dedication relieves distress, relieves suffering, and You welcome them in Your divine happiness by giving back to them joy and comfort one hundredfold for their human sorrows.

6. Blessed are those who hunger

Blessed are the hungry, those that thirst for Thee, for they shall be filled.

Blessed are those that hunger for earthly food and thirst of this world, which they have not monopolized to the point that close them off to other horizons.

Those who do not allow their minds to be stifled by desires of the senses, nor absorb their hearts with attachments that confine them to the ground.

Those who are not seeking the goal of existence in passing joys, those who do not stop at immediate good but seek the good from heaven.

Those that nothing finite can satisfy, those who want infinity. Blessed are those whose joy is thinking about You and discover You by faith through the Gospel and in their own lives.

Blessed are those who love with an enthusiastic faith and give them- selves up to You.

7. Happy are those who make peace

Happy are those who make peace, and seek to bring together what is divided; He who is the Son of the One who wants to gather everybody into His unique love.

Happy are those who make it possible to reconcile, who reconciles himself, who makes every effort to promote the agreement after disagreements.

Happy are those that soften rough contacts with a welcoming smile, flattens conflicts about to arise, by deflating them.

Happy are those who keep good relationships, by forgetting his pride and offering concessions, softens his desires, and extends his patience.

Happy are those who cushion the shock of rough personalities by using more sympathy, and renews relationships with those who are fleeing him, in order to love them.

Happy are those who know how to be silent, who welcomes others without anger and abusive remarks, who forgives immediately, who takes the first step to restore the friendship.

Happy are those who strive to strengthen ties and reconciliations; they will be the first to enjoy the peace that He has favored.

8. Blessed are the afflicted

Blessed are the meek, for they will be comforted by Your love, Lord.

You did not hesitate to proclaim happiness for those who suffer, those who cry, and those who are persecuted, insulted, and slandered by hatred of You.

You dared to promise relief to human distress, the true happiness. As we see evil in suffering, in the ordeal of a disaster, You have as- sured us that the suffering is grace and generates joy.

You have shown us by your own Passion with real severe pain where You have recognized the great plan of love established by the Father, and where You have entered into the happiness of the resurrection.

You are the first on the cross, the first persecuted, the first insulted, and the first to gather in Thy immolated heart, the misery of the world.

You remain the first to show us the way towards pure happiness, by sharing with us the unshakeable joy that overcame death.

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