The Eucharistic Heart 


"This is my Eucharistic Heart, make it known, make it loved. Spread this devotion."

"I wanted to reveal to those who look at me the depths of God, the immensity of love that overflows from my eucharistic heart where everything is open to you."

  • The heart of Jesus is all the interior of Christ.

  • The heart of Jesus is perfectly eucharistic.

  • The heart of Jesus, filled with thanksgiving is exulting in the joy of receiving from the Father everything He lived.

  • The heart of Jesus was constantly turned towards the Father… to welcome His Gifts and to appreciate the love that Jesus manifests in thanking the Father.

  • The heart of Jesus is a heart of perfect recognition. He received everything perfectly from the Father. Jesus returned all that He had been given from the Father back to the Father as perfectly as He had received it.

  • The heart of Jesus wants to draw all humanity to His thankful heart, making all hearts eucharistic as an image of His Eucharistic Heart.

  • The heart of Jesus is open infinitely all the time.  That heart will continue to pour out living waters without stopping untiringly to save all humanity.

  • Jesus Christ with the Open Chest pours out unceasingly from His Eucharistic Heart an overflow of rivers of living waters to save all humanity.

  • The Eucharistic Christ wants to be present in all faithful followers to make their faces radiant, to support and encourage them in solving their difficulties, and to guide them ahead to the proclamation of the Gospel for all people in the universe.

  • The Eucharistic Christ invites us to let other souls come to Him so that they can indulge in His love, too!

  • The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is seeking contemplative individuals who will become missionaries.


































The Eucharistic Heart community 

has need of young blood   


The Pope exhorts us to transmit the gift of faith, to encourage our community to be an evangelist. Each has his place in the vineyard of the Lord. One is not poor enough that he has nothing to offer. No one is so rich that he cannot receive a gift.     

The Lord who gathers us from different social horizons puts in our hearts the desire to come together sharing the ideals which have united us. Among the young whom we know, which one of them would be called to be consecrated to the Lord? We feel a responsibility from our prayer but also from our lives, for our behavior, to develop the divine grace among the young people for their possible religious vocations. 

We continue to ask the Lord to enlarge our spirit and our mentality so that we can welcome young people who will come to us in order to improve their Christian lives in a congenial community. It is for the entire world that Jesus Christ makes us brothers and sisters with everyone on the planet. In order to grow in a fraternity, we have a need for moments of prayer, moments when all of us will turn toward Jesus Christ.  

Take me ô Heart of Christ!

Take me, O Heart of Christ, in all that I am, take me in what I have and in what I do, in all that I think and all that I live!

Take me in my spirit, so that it belongs to you; take me in my will, so that it becomes your will; take the depth of my heart, so that it only loves you!

Take me, O Heart of Christ, in my secret desires so that you are my dream and unique aspiration, my total affection, and my perfect happiness!

Take me for the work of your great mission, for the gift that is integrated with the salvation of humanity, and for all sacrifices of service for those who are yours

Take me, O Heart of Christ, without limits, and without end; take what I've not succeeded in offering to you, and never giving back to me what you have taken!

Take for eternity all that is in me, so that one day, O Heart of Christ, I can possess you, take you and keep you in the intimacy of Heaven!


--by Jean Galot, S.J.

Lord with a heart full of love

Since you have totally surrendered yourself to us, with boundless love, 

we want to dedicate ourselves to you, to open up to you and give ourselves 

to your heart without reserve.


This consecration, we want it as an irrevocable act

by which you can take full possession of ourselves,

for all that your love demands.


We desire to belong to you from the bottom of our being,

to offer you our thoughts, our desires, our actions, so that you make 

them perfectly conformed to the thoughts, the desires, the decisions of your heart.


We want to abandon our past, our present and our future,

so that everything in us becomes your property, and that our lives,

at every moment, be placed under the influence of your love.


By ourselves, we would not have the strength to render our consecration 

total and definitive; we wait from your heart to take us from the depth 

of our being, and to keep us forever in his fidelity.


May this consecration, done by you, fill us with the boundless 

generosity of your love!

--by Jean Galot, S.J.

Consecration to the Heart of Jesus Christ!

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The Eucharistic Heart


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